The Last Blog Post

This is my very last assignment for high school, so I think it’s quite fitting that it’s for a class dealing with life and death and meaning and all sorts of other existential things. I learned a lot in this class which almost surprised me in a weird way, because I wasn’t sure what could be taught about philosophy besides the Ancient Greeks. There was a lot that I had never even heard of which was quite fun to explore as the trimester went on. I’m a little disappointed that I don’t get to see how Sophie and Alberto’s story finishes, but I’m sure I’ll find the time to get a copy from the library in my extended senior summer. I’ll miss most the discussions and the debates in class. I had never really interacted with a majority of the people in first hour, and it took me two weeks to remember all of their names. The different perspectives were really fascinating. So many of these people came from different paths than me and their ideas and experiences were generally ones I hadn’t considered which I appreciate. I also liked the fact that everyone was for the most part comfortable in sharing their ideas, universally supported or otherwise. It gave us the chance to consider all sides of a debate rather than just the well-liked or obvious facets of analysis. In a personal retrospect, I wish I had approached the reading differently. Rarely will the textbook for a class be an actual novel and I think I should have treated it more like a story and read it chapter by chapter rather than reading only for information a few nights before an exam. I did like that the exams dealt with all aspects of what we learned rather than verbatim textbook material like most classes. It felt like everything that we did in class was directly pertinent to the subject of study, which sounds like an obvious thing, but this does not occur in all classes. Whether it was a movie, a Crash Course video, an article, a discussion, or Sophie’s World, the material covered always linked back to the lesson, usually in real-world ways. I especially found interesting how the films that were not necessarily intended to match a philosophical school of thought in creation did in fact match in practice and we were able to clearly see those connections being made. In summary, I’ll miss this class a lot and don’t think I’ll soon forget its lessons. Mr Wickersham, thank you for being a fantastic teacher in both APUSH and Philosophy. Your classes have been some of my favorites at Groves, and I wish you the best in the future, though I’m sure I’ll be back to say hi!


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